A gift from nature
Its location and weak mineralization composition provide a smooth and pleasant taste.
The natural mineral water from Font Boix emerges from an exceptionally beautiful site in the middle of the Leridan Pyrenees. A composition ideally recommended for diets low in sodium as well as the preparation of children’s meals.
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The consumption of natural mineral water is essential for our metabolism and the regeneration of our organism, helping in the release of toxins. Its underground origin protects it from the risks of pollution and enables a healthy bacteriologic composition, constant in minerals and other elements that help improve our health.
Chemical composition (en mg/L)
Dry residue at 180°C 40.0 Calcium (Ca) 6.8
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 26.0 Magnesium (MG) 0.7
Sulphate (SO4) 2.6 Sodium (Na) 3.2
Chloride (CI) 3.0 Silica (SiO2) 8.3
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